Intimate Home Portraits of Infant and Family  $300

Up to 2 hours
PASS Gallery + high resolution image download

Traveling fees may apply.

Above all else, I want nothing but safety for your new little. With that said, my newborn lifestyle sessions include 100% parent involvement, so you too should be camera ready! Mommas – I know how you will probably NOT want to be in front of the camera … but know this is one of few opportunities for you to be photographed with your little. You will probably be your own photographer at home, capturing each of his/her moments, leaving you out of the photo. As these sessions are a bit more casual, there may be some posing; however the intention is to capture more authentic images of the baby and their home.

These sessions can be done up to 8 weeks old and usually last 1-2 hours max. If there are siblings and/or pets, incorporating them into the session is a wonderful, added bonus! Getting those shots in first will be most beneficial, as a kid’s attention span is quite short and they will probably want to play soon after. Well-lit rooms will be our best friend, as well as a warm home for comfort (and sleep!) for the newbie; also a full tummy to allow that drunken milk stage to seep in will help capture those sweet sleepy moments.Capturing that pure love right in the beginning moments of your little’s life intertwined with yours brings this session to life, and trust me, you will want to remember those moments.