I am the wife to a wonderful (and wise) businessman, Joshua, and a mother to our two “arrows” [Psalm 127:3-5], Hudson Jameson + Emerson Rose.

One thing I noticed about this beautiful thing called “Life”, is that it will always change. They say those with creative minds are continuously in the fast lane with the way they think, create, strive, and guide themselves through this Life.

I for one, completely agree.  I went to a ministry school for two years in Jacksonville, FL after high school that was ultimately life-changing. I came back to my hometown, Port Charlotte, FL where I met my wonderful husband. I then continued my education and completed my Bachelors degree in Psychology, all the while playing with Photography as a hobby.

My husband noticed my passion for this hobby of mine, and continued to motivate me to pursue it. It was then in July of 2013 I took the plunge in something I DIDN’T go to school for and started my own business professionally.

Before this very scary move, I had tried to do everything “right” and by the book, all the while ignoring my passion: to create. I fall in love with photographs, and have been for as long as I could remember. What I love most is that when it’s done right, they tell a story. Other than having the pleasure of shooting a wide variety of sessions, my favorites are styled sessions and weddings – so let’s create!