Family | The Drumms

December 2017
Myakkahatchee Park, North Port, FL

Oh, we have been lucky to have this family in our lives. My husband grew up with Tim and Natalia, and I had the pleasure of meeting them once he and I started dating. There are certain people in your life that you just hold on to; the ones that pour into you, help you, grieve with you, and take joy with you. These people are the ones you call your 'tribe'. You love their littles like you love your own. You embark on their business journey with them, being their biggest cheerleader. You hold on to them tight, and never let go. To be less "mushy", I will say I love the way I need to be to get their boys to smile for me. What goes with boys and dirt? Farts. Lots and lots of fart {jokes}. The Drumms, ladies + gents.